Sunday November 26th, 2000



Tim Carnes


Dear Aermacchi Riders,

I'm proud to say that my father and I are re-building a piece of his racing history. We are building two 67 SS Sprints. Each started as a stock street bike and is going through extensive reconstruction. Items changed include period aluminum wheels, quick-change rear hub with disk, front spool. 60 over 650 Triumph pistons were used instead of stock. This requires that approximately 5/8" be removed from the barrel, push rods be resized, wrist pin be resized, and the valve area of the piston be reshaped. It's worked out great! One model will retain the stock swing arm, while the other has been converted into a rigid frame "no brake" version. We will attempt to display a series of photos as soon as the projects are complete. We would like to say thanks the folks at Moto-Italia for all their help. Some things just can't be made at the home shop! It's great to see so many people learning the beauty of these great machines.


Eric Spurgeon


I am sorry I missed the last 9 newsletters. I have been busy with my new job at Go-Ped. I have been trying to keep the REGISTRY on the web site updated at least once a month. The pictures have not been updated in a long while. I will be trying to get them done soon.




We have recently topped 700 members in 26 countries worldwide. This includes members from 48 states. (Missing Rhode Island and one other.) I want to thank everyone for your support.



I was thinking about making another run of Aermacchi T-Shirts. Let me know what you think. If you are interested, please send in an email with the quantity and sizes you would need. I am accepting designs, so send your sketches in with your original design. If yours is used you will receive two free shirts.



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