Buying My First Motorcycle – Spurgeon 1973 TX-125

I will spare you the backstory and start the story off at the dealer where I bought my first motorcycle. I was 15, a sophomore in high school in South Florida, Boca Raton to be exact. We were at Pompano Pat’s [Motorcycle Boutique, Emporium, What-have-you ;)]. He had two bikes that were in my price range, of approximately $400 and a moped to trade-in. One was a Honda 400 cc. The other was a 1974 Harley Sprint 125 (later determined that it was actually a 1973 TX-125).

tx125-original sales tag

No matter, I had experience with two-strokes. At the time a 15-year-old with a learners permit could legally ride a motorcycle of displacement less that 150 cc. So I went with the Harley, PLUS it was a Harley! I gave the dealer my moped (out of the trunk of my dad’s car) and the $400 cash I had saved up and later that evening Pompano Pat delivered my bike in his van.


I spend the next two years working on it (and pushing it) probably more than I rode it. I became a good customer of Charleston Custom Cycle and Moto-Italia and logged countless hours working on it.


Repaired, Rebuilt, or Replaced (1991 – 2014):
Cylinder Rebore
Head Gasket
Ignition Switch with Key
Wiring Harness
Handle Grips
Throttle Cable
Tires and Tubes
Ignition Coil
Indicator Lights
Basically the entire electrical system
Engine Trans Bolt Kit
Engine Trans Bearings
Air Filter

So…made it Italy…completely rebuilt in the USA.

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