Eric Spurgeon Sunday April 25, 1999

Eric Spurgeon

I am almost done with another year of school. This summer I will be working at Kimberly-Clark as an engineer in Jenks, Oklahoma. I got a nice one-bedroom townhouse. I guess it is nice, I have not seen it yet. No garage though. I can not wait until I have a place with a garage. Then I can go back to Florida and get the rest of my stuff, including my bike. Just one more year left.

I am interested in developing an electric motorcycle. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to get sponsored by a few companies and possibly get an energy grant from the government. I will be doing this on my own, so everything will need to be donated. Hopefully, I can work with a big motorcycle company to convert one of their current models, like a Ducati 748. I have started research, but there is not much out there on this subject. That is one of the reasons that this project interested me. It is something that few people have tried. I figured that since electric vehicles are still fairly experimental and since motorcycles are for the most part, recreational vehicles that the two combined would be something that people would be interested in. I hope to have a full report by this fall for my professors here at the university to look at. Then maybe when I graduate, this project will be ready to start on. Let me know what you think.

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