Eric Spurgeon Sunday May 30, 1999

Eric Spurgeon

I recently moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to work for the summer. On the way here I stopped at Charleston Custom Cycle in Charleston, Illinois. Most of you probably know their phone number from memory. They were happy to talk to me and show me around. They have so much stuff, and all of it is organized and filed by its part number. They have their whole warehouse packed full of boxes of parts and project bikes. They could use a bigger place, but who couldn't?

After I arrived in Tulsa, I took a day trip to Cushing, Oklahoma, where Kesco-Hoover is located. It took me a while to find it, but I made it. Paul Hoover took me for a ride on his super-modified 350. He has an auxiliary fuel tank, oil filter, and an electronic ignition unit, just to mention a few of the modifications that he has made. He also let em take out his Baja 100. It beats the shit out of my TX-125. It has been ported and tuned though and mine is just running. Paul probably knows more about all of these Aermacchi motorcycles than anyone. He can spot any part from any bike and tell you what it is from.

The Aermacchi Harley-Davidson club was created in December of 1996 by Eric Spurgeon. At the time he was a freshman in college home for his winter break. He became the owner of a 1973 TX-125 in December 1993, when he was 15. He spent several years rebuilding that TX-125. During his first semester in college he bought a computer and learned the basics of internet publishing. Since Aermacchi owners are so far from one another and since there was very little information available about them, Eric decided that he would take it upon himself to create the Aermacchi Harley-Davidson internet club. He and a few other people hat he had found over the internet were the first members. Slowly, the club grew to where it is today and continues to get a few new members every week. Now, there is a multitude of information on the site, mostly received from the members.

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