Eric Spurgeon Sunday June 27, 1999

Paul Rostic

The Vintage Road Racing Association in Canada held a three-day vintage road racing event at an Ontario race track called Shannonville. Attending this event were Paul Rostic and John Lightfoot who were riding 350 Aermacchis.

Both bikes ran into mechanical problems in practice and missed the 350 GP heat race. On Sunday afternoon, both Aermacchis were repaired and ready to race. Both riders had to start from the back row of the starting grid as neither bike had made it to the heat race. With six rows of assorted Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda machines on the grid, it seemed unlikely that either Aermacchi would place in the top five.

After eight laps of racing on the 2.2 mile 14 turn track, John Lightfoot, of Mississauga Ontario had passed every bike on the track and won the race by a comfortable margin. John's Aermacchi started life as a street bike and was extensively modified and improved by John. The bike has shown 37.5 rear wheel horsepower on a Dynojet dyno.


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