Eric Spurgeon----------------------------------------------------Sunday July 25, 1999

Eric Spurgeon

Have you noticed that several "Harley Books" often leave out the fact that Harley-Davidson ever made our little Italians? Well, I went out to the bookstore today and found a book that does. It is The Complete Harley-Davidson. This book has good pictures of several of the Aermacchi bikes. You can order it directly through the links on the main page of the web-site or through my Online Store.

I have recently started contacting motorcycle magazines about doing an article on the website, our organization, and our members' bikes. Old bike Journal in particular has responded very positively so far. They want something written and some good pictures. I am working on the written part. If you read any motorcycle magazines, help us out and write the publisher to see if they would like to do a story on us. If we had a few articles out there, I think it would really increase awareness of our Aermacchis, as well as enlightened those that refuse to believe us when we tell them that, "Yes, It is a real Harley!"

Another thing I am thinking of, is making an Aermacchi calendar. I am currently in the process of getting bids from local publishers. I don't think I should use the color laser printers at school to print fifty, twelve-month calendars. If you think you are interested in getting an Aermacchi calendar or if you know you are interested, write me an email. I am planing on making them for the year 2000.

If you have a bike that you thing belongs in a magazine or in a calendar, send in a photo or send me a high-resolution picture via email. Please send in .jpg or .gif format. Whether you send a paper photo or a digital copy, please send me your written permission to reproduce the photo in my calendar and your permission for any magazine that coordinates an article with me to reproduce the photo as well. Please send the permission statement on paper signed.

I sold all of the first round of Aermacchi T-Shirts. If you would like to be involved in the design of the new shirt, please send in any ideas you have on it. Maybe we could make hats too. Something with a nice embroidered design. Those could look nice.


There is a re-print article on the Rapido 125 originally from "Cycle" magazine in the September 1999 issue #187 of "Walnecks Classic Cycle Trader."

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