Eric Spurgeon Sunday September 26, 1999

Paul Rostic

Well I have one more race left to ride this season. I have had an enjoyable season and kicked a few Honda 350 butts! The bike has a Harley Sprint street bike that has been modified with an earlier frame, cerianni road race forks, Grimeca 4 shoe front wheel (from a Ducati single of the mid-70s), dyna ignition, a flowed head with big valves, 36mm Mikuni carb and Megacycle cam. The rest is pretty much stock. The 4 stroke aermacchis are legal in the pre-1968 class here in Canadian vintage road racing. The two stroke aermacchis are only legal in the pre-1972 (post 1967) class.


Next race is at a former military airport in North Bay Ontario. Ontario racers have not had an airport race in about 30 yrs.


Eric Spurgeon



Recently I have added several new pictures (about 30) to the Pictures page. I am thinking of organizing them into a more structured table, but am still thinking about how to do it.



I have still been trying to find a publisher for the calendars that will print them at a reasonable price. I would like to make them available before December. If you know of anyone who could print it, please let me know.



People have been asking me about our next batch of t-shirts. If you would be interested or have any ideas for our next design, please send me an email. Keep in mind that we cannot print "Harley-Davidson, Harley, Davidson, H-D, H, D, or any other letter that Harley-Davidson Inc. owns."



Aermacchi Harley-Davidson was recently added to the Walneck's Classic Cycle Trader clubs listing. Thanks to Buzz Walneck for that. In case you saw it, there were some errors, but they will be corrected in future issues. Also, if you get a chance, drop a note to the online search engines to add our site to their databases. For some reason, they will not bring up the site when I search for "Aermacchi", and I do not know why. Thanks for your help.


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