Sunday October 31, 1999



Eric Spurgeon


"Winterizing" the Italians

Well, for about half of you, it is about time to put your bike away for the winter. Does anyone have any tips? Please submit any technical tips regarding this, or any issue to my email address.



Aermacchi Calendars

I had very little luck finding someone who would print the calendars for a reasonable price. As close as we are to January now, I think they are a "No-Go" for the year 2000. Oh well, maybe next year.



Registry Problems

A couple of people have reported problems with the Registry loading. Please, if you have problems tell me and also let me know what browser and operating system you are using. I am still working on making the Registry more user friendly. In the future, you will be able to sort the list using any column heading, including state, to see who is near your home.



Getting Paid to Surf the Web

If you spend a lot of time, or even a little time, surfing the Internet, you might want to consider reading this. You can now get paid to surf the web. All you need to do is sign up, download the program, and run it you are browsing. You get paid for something that you are already doing. Just go to or follow the link at the Aermacchi web-site on the welcome page. Please reference my member ID: edf-614. Well, enough of that; this is supposed to be a motorcycle newsletter.


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