I have a little information on classic motorcycle racing. If you have any other information, comment at the bottom of this page.

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American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association

Dear Aermacchi fanatics,

If looking for short circuit racing and real old fashioned racing at public roads Holland and elgium are the places to be. More than 15 races are organised during the season which starts in April. Our team which is called Scuderia Nostalgica Olanda fields 5 Aermacchis 3 replica Ala D’Oros, 1 Rickman Aermacchi and one street bike in race disguise. All bikes use converted 350SS engines, some use converted Sprint frames some a replica Menani frame have straight cut gears and 4 have special made race cams and several have special valves, pistons etc. we have lots of info on preparing the bikes to race specs up to 40hp and can also supply straight cut gears for about $ 500 a set excluding postage. These sets include the oil pump and cam as well. As one of our riders owns a large machine shop special parts and Aermacchi tools can be suplied to order( preferrable in batches), ask for info.
People who are interested in racing in Holland and/or Belgium are welcome and can depend on our help. Which sometimes includes staying at one of our places and transport of the bike to the meetings.
One of our most liked outings is during the last weekend in August at Jehonville (Belgium) which includes three race days, a lot of international riders(more than 250), good festivities including roasted pigs etc.
We would welcome information of original CRTT’s for sale and also are looking for Ceriani and Oldani brake parts (originals)
Look forward to your replies.

Lucas van Dobben

Dear Aermacchi riders,

We have here in Finland also a few Aermacchis, mostly racing bikes, like one 350 Ala D’Oro -68 (last year’s champion in Scandinavia) and 2x 350 TV Ala D’Oro Replicas -71/-72. We have active old bikes racing club which is organizing competitions, training and riding camps during summer.
Our biggest events we do together with Swedish and Norwegians. The cup is called The Classic Racing Cup and it contents 12 races during six weekends, 6 in Sweden, 4 in Norway and 2 in Finland. The first is going on 23.-24.5.-98 in Karlskoga, Sweden. Last years biggest events were in Linkoping, Sweden where you can find over 200 riders.
The main organizer is Swedish club MCHK-Racing and man in charge is Lennart Olander. If you have questions about the Cup, please contact him. His address is: Rosendal Ostuna, 74194 Knivsta, Sweden and his ph./fax number: +46 18 387075.

We have also developed know how and contacts so we can offer most of racing parts you might need. One of our club member has a firm called MC-Racing Engineering and he can offer you for example racing rods made from titanium (H-profile) and high tech big end bearing for it. Also Fontana and Oldani 2 & 4 lines brakes, Dellorto SS1 carburettors and all parts for them, forged racing pistons, exhaust pipes, electric ignition systems … and of course he will do all the engineering job. All enquiries direct to him. His phone/fax is: +358 9 826636 and address is: Jakkitie 10, 01300 Vantaa, Finland.
At the moment we are very busy because our season starts in about two three weeks and at least with my bike we have lots of work to do before first race. If you have any questions about races in Scandinavia, training in Finland and so on please contact and ask me.

Don’t break your rods and have a nice spring,

Juha Tiilikka


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